Episode 27: The Abjuration of Myths

Fear not!  Through the transmutation of technology, these oral words may be reified in the palm of your hand through this fabulous paperback brick.

Sir Richard and his men are disabused of certain firmly held beliefs concerning Giant-Men.  The brave knight reaches into Uelland’s dubious past for inspiration.  A great stretch of deprivation passes with barely a sentence.  Sir Richard learns who his friends are, and approximates the location of a Giant-Man’s kidneys.


Ladies and gentlemen! We (I) at The Bright Path Podcast are so pleased to offer you a special double feature in this blog post. Not only can you download Episode 20 of The Bright Path Podcast, you can now also purchase the paperback or Kindle e-Book version of the complete story. Podcast going too slow for you? Cruise right on over to Amazon and pick up the complete story! In either edition, you’ll get the full array of ninety-two beautiful pen and ink-style illustrations to complement the narrative.

In Episode 20, Sir Richard continues his journey into the deep wilderness. He loses his men, then finds them, then loses them again–and then finds a nasty surprise in the deep mountains.

Episode 17: Evaporating Bonds; The Rapacious Few

Sir Richard goes off the map.  Hobb finds danger in both action and inaction, and decides to accelerate his plans.  Beatrice Snugg makes a new friend.  Boris, Basil, and Brutus part ways. Here ends Part 1 of The Bright Path!