Episode 69: The Man With the Metal Face

Merrily’s sins are laid bare, and Cyrus must fight someone he loves and someone he hates. Bishop Wildrick is unexpectedly brave. Captain Vigg fixes a past mistake.

With the gifting holidays fast approaching, don’t forget that the e-book or paperback editions of the three novels in The Bright Path make great (and very attractive) gifts for the thoughtful nerd in your life.

Bonus: Here are two music tracks that appear in this episode, which I’ve newly added to the Soundcloud page:

Episode 68 / Bonus Episode 4: Kyle Marshall

In this week’s bonus episode of The Bright Path Podcast, I interview podcasting Sith lord and all-around good fella Kyle Marshall of Media Lab YYC. Kyle has had a colorful journey from farm boy to cosmopolitan Calgary guru of video and audio, and he’s got some great stories to share. I smiled all the way through, and I hope you will as well.


And this week on Grubfiddle–young Cyrus competes in a test of mind, body, and alcohol tolerance for the favor of a boon from King Leeland II. In between shots of the foul Redolent Rum, our hero finds out what it means to be a hero–at least, according to his new friend Vilnius Groob. Cyrus sets the stage for adventure in “Muddle.” Hop along to Patreon right now to enjoy it!

Episode 67: The Absent Monologue

If you’re enjoying The Bright Path Podcast, why not order the paperbacks of the first three books today? They’re a great holiday gift for the fantasy nerd in your life who loves a long, epic dramedy.

It is June, and Obilly Smallhat is weeks away from trial and execution for the murder of Rolland Gorp.  Obilly’s translations of Rolly’s notes reveal that Snugg is playing with bigger forces than anyone realized.  Cyrus is forced into a duel he doesn’t want to lose and doesn’t want to win.

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Episode 66 / Bonus Episode 3: It’s Only Life

Singer-songwriter1 Kevin T. Collins guest-stars on The Bright Path Podcast to listen to and chat about his new folk rock EP “It’s Only Life.” Kevin and Ben listen to all five tracks on the album and discuss Kevin’s influences, creative process, stories, and career. The tracks alone are worth the price of admission, so please join us for this special guest episode!

Find out more about Kevin’s work at http://www.kevintcollins.com, and check out the EP at CD Baby. Or listen online on Apple Music or Spotify.

1 …also actor, dancer, director, producer, voice actor…

Also! This week is the very first episode of GRUBFIDDLE, the prequel to The Bright Path. I will be releasing it exclusively on Patreon during the off weeks of The Bright Path (as often as possible)–so if you’d like more storytelling in your life, cruise on over to Patreon and sign up.

Episode 65: The Traitor

Ladies and gentlemen, next week is the very first episode of GRUBFIDDLE, my serial audio-book podcast prequel to The Bright Path. It’s available exclusively on Patreon, so please head on over there a enjoy!

Meanwhile, in Episode 65 of The Bright Path Podcast: Cyrus and Bear’s stay in Enderly is an exceedingly short one, as they find themselves caught in the middle of a dispute between two groups of men flinging giant rocks and burning pitch at one another. Cyrus receives another wound to his lower half, and then a much larger wound to his pride. We meet the Traitor of the North, and he has a surprise waiting for just about everyone.

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Episode 64: A Peculiar Bear

It’s coming on toward the time when all your friends and family expect you to give them Things. What better Things than three fine comedy-romance-fantasy-adventure-political-thriller novels? Perhaps the whole proverbial enchilada in one glorious e-book?

It’s a road trip! Cyrus and Gmork unexpectedly make a new friend on the way to Roosterfoot. But Cyrus discovers that not all is as it seems, and adjusts his expectations accordingly. Gmork finds the high point of his life, and Cyrus the low.

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Episode 63: The Snowball of Destiny

What better way to celebrate the turn of seasons than by giving the gift of THE BRIGHT PATH to your nerdiest friends? No, there is no better way. Be joyful! Give a gift!

Obilly Smallhat is in jail, suspected of the murder of Rolland Gorp–but Cyrus doesn’t believe he did it. However, Cyrus’s own grip on sanity is starting to slip, as echoes of his encounter in the old church beneath Roosterfoot haunt his waking and sleeping thoughts. Can Cyrus work out where to go next–or is this a dead end?

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Episode 62: Dead End

Ladies and gentlemen, THE LOST ARC, Part III of The Bright Path in stand-alone paperback form, is now ready for you to enjoy. Please head on over and pick up a copy today!

MEANWHILE, in The Gods We Made…

Cyrus grows his foot back… temporarily. Veridia reveals rumors of a terrible flying beast, which no one takes very seriously. Cyrus travels north to a kingdom he invented out of whole cloth, and finds that it doesn’t take him very seriously. Alice Miller teaches to a most remarkable classroom, and Obilly Smallhat raises more questions than he answers.

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Episode 60: The Mathematician’s Wake

Cyrus, Vicod, and Gmork return to Green Bridge to assist in solving Rolly’s murder. Cyrus catches up with old friends, and discovers a few new ones following him around. Cyrus and Vicod toast the dead; The Bright Path Podcast belly-flops into an entirely new genre of absurdity.