Romance and monsters and science. Oh my.

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“Wall to wall quality. The most succinct thing I can say is it makes you wonder how everyone else is doing it so wrong. Things simultaneously make perfect sense, and are also totally unanticipated. There is originality and wonder, and mystery, and -logic- and they somehow all fit together perfectly.” — Matthew Shorey’s review on

“This fantasy epic has its own colorful aesthetic, and humor carries its central trio through their quest.” — Foreword Clarion Review

Coming soon — The Bright Path in three, easy-to-hold paperback books!

Jonathan Miller has harbored a secret flame for his childhood friend Merrily Hunter for years, and as Midsummer’s Eve approaches he’s ready to make his move. But when a cranky, sharp-tongued professor of Applied History rides into town looking for a lost book, Jonathan and Merrily quickly find themselves swept up in an adventure that will take them to the very edges of history, language, and probability. They join a host of colorful men, women, goblins, fey, snarfs, horses, and strange outsiders, all set in a world grappling with the consequences of scientific advance, political unrest, and religious debate.

Featuring ninety-two original pen and ink-style illustrations.

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“I found this book through a podcast and I’ve become totally hooked. The voice is original and sharp, the characters are distinctive and alive, and the plot is unreasonably fascinating. There is an incredible amount of skill in this book, not to mention clever turns of phrase. I beg you if you enjoy fantasy or historical settings or political machinations at all, read this book!”

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