Episode 66 / Bonus Episode 3: It’s Only Life

Singer-songwriter1 Kevin T. Collins guest-stars on The Bright Path Podcast to listen to and chat about his new folk rock EP “It’s Only Life.” Kevin and Ben listen to all five tracks on the album and discuss Kevin’s influences, creative process, stories, and career. The tracks alone are worth the price of admission, so please join us for this special guest episode!

Find out more about Kevin’s work at http://www.kevintcollins.com, and check out the EP at CD Baby. Or listen online on Apple Music or Spotify.

1 …also actor, dancer, director, producer, voice actor…

Also! This week is the very first episode of GRUBFIDDLE, the prequel to The Bright Path. I will be releasing it exclusively on Patreon during the off weeks of The Bright Path (as often as possible)–so if you’d like more storytelling in your life, cruise on over to Patreon and sign up.