Episode 36: Two Merry Bands Set Forth Merrily

Merrily sings a new song with old words. Cyrus discovers that comparing a woman to a dead cow has serious consequences. Ratwurst gets an unexpected promotion, and Wigglus explains, with examples, the circumstances in which it is legally acceptable to solve one’s personal problems with murder.

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Episode 35: The Overture of War

To celebrate the Season 3 premiere of The Bright Path Podcast, why not treat yourself to a really handsome looking doorstop?

Vicod Rayth, bearer of a certain tome germane to our story, finds an unexpected opportunity for cultural research while making his way to Uellodon. Captain Thomas Howe of the King’s Heavy Horse meets some new friends with fancy white cloaks, and takes them for a ride ’round the county.

Episode 34: A Killer Drum Solo

Cyrus selects a summer vacation and an intern to go along with it. Frederick née Halfhouse narrowly avoids a close encounter with a prosthesis. King Leeland suggests the least convincing cover-up ever. Facing an invasion of his kingdom, Simon absolutely slays it on stage. These events conspire to bring Part 2 of The Bright Path Podcast to a conclusion; what awaits in Part 3? Only future podcast episodes will tell!

Episode 32: Steel Comes Into Fashion

So you think these podcast episodes are big? You should see them on paper!

It’s a party on the streets of Green Bridge! Bishop Wildrick makes his move to poison the city government and seize control with a mob of the faithful. An assassin stalks Mrs. Bridge’s household, Merrily gets sweaty, Beatrice gives Veridia some questionable fashion advice, and Cyrus has the time of his life on a rooftop.

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Episode 31: War By Other Means

You know what’s in a big book? LOTS OF ADVENTURE!

Hobb the Wise sees a chance to score a win, and sneaks out for some fun in a basement–but Dean Spoon gets the last laugh. Hobb meets his counterparts from the geopolitical neighborhood. Your host digs deep into the archives for some new-old music.

Episode 30: Balloons Both Large and Small

Why should you buy The Bright Path? It’s like War and Peace but with better illustrations and more jokes. Also goblins, and cannons, and quantum physics.

Rufus and company are trapped underground by the White Knights. With nothing better to do, Rufus decides to go exploring, and picks the most hazardous method possible. Daven gets a better deal, and Gog the Hammer gets bonus pay. Rufus ends up with his face in a most unexpected location.

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Part 3 of 3:

Episode 29: The Charge of the Washer-Women

You should get a big, heavy book! “Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn’t work you can always hit them with it.” -Boris ‘The Blade’

The moment to free the wives and daughters of Hog Hurst finally arrives. What will be the cost?

Bonus track! Appearing in today’s episode, please enjoy “War in Heaven, Part 3” from Paradise Lost. Featuring vocal performances by Danielle Erin Rhodes, Victoria Dicce, Kevin T. Collins, Martin Sola, and Michael Marcotte.

Episode 28: Convincing and Unconvincing Lies

Discover how much fun it is to hold a big book in your hands! It will make you look super intellectual.

Merrily learns the secret to operating a grappling hook crossbow, and also that she is rubbish at lying. Cyrus might be afflicted with feelings. Mrs. Fry is revealed as a rank amateur. Merrily reaches the limits of her abilities, and discovers how to go beyond them.

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