Kyle Marshall // Media Lab YYC

Episode 68 / Bonus Episode 4: Kyle Marshall

In this week’s bonus episode of The Bright Path Podcast, I interview podcasting Sith lord and all-around good fella Kyle Marshall of Media Lab YYC. Kyle has had a colorful journey from farm boy to cosmopolitan Calgary guru of video and audio, and he’s got some great stories to share. I smiled all the way through, and I hope you will as well.


And this week on Grubfiddle–young Cyrus competes in a test of mind, body, and alcohol tolerance for the favor of a boon from King Leeland II. In between shots of the foul Redolent Rum, our hero finds out what it means to be a hero–at least, according to his new friend Vilnius Groob. Cyrus sets the stage for adventure in “Muddle.” Hop along to Patreon right now to enjoy it!